Published Papers

  • The Brother Earnings Penalty (with E. Patacchini) (2019). Labour Economics 58: 37-51. Link to Paper

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Working Papers


  • Parents, Infants, and Voter Turnout: Evidence from the United States. Conditionally accepted at Quarterly Journal of Political Science. Link to Paper

Despite evidence that infants affect families' economic and social behaviors, little is known about how young children influence their parents' political engagement. I show that U.S. women with an infant during an election year are 3.5 percentage points less likely to vote than women without children; men with an infant are 2.2 percentage points less likely to vote. Suggesting that this effect may be causal, I find no significant decreases in turnout the year before parents have an infant. Using a triple-difference approach, I then show that universal vote-by-mail systems mitigate the negative association between infants and mothers' turnout.

  • The Asymmetric Gender Effects of High Flyers (with R. Fernàndez and E. Patacchini) Link to Paper

Using longitudinal information on a representative sample of U.S. students, we study the effects of exposure to female and male "high flyers" in high school. We identify a causal effect by exploiting quasi-random variation to peers with highly-educated parents across grades within a school. Greater exposure to male high flyers decreases the likelihood that women obtain a bachelor's degree, lowers their math and science grades, decreases their LFP and increases fertility. They show lower levels of self-confidence/aspirations. The effects are found for girls with below median ability and for those with at least one college-educated parent. There are no effects of high flyers of either gender on boys.

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(This Paper was previously released as NBER Working Paper No. 25763 under the title "Girls, Boys, and High Achievers." Link to NBER Paper)